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Q1 You attend a networking function and don’t see anyone you know. You:

Hint: Networking is about making new connections. There will be times when you don’t know people. New people create new opportunities. By turning up early, helping welcome visitors, and acting like a host, you will get an opportunity to meet people first. Also, by helping the organiser you are more likely to get help with introductions.

Answer: C - Turn up early and help the organisers set up. Find out from the organiser who is expected to attend and ask for some specific introductions. You also help welcome other attendees.


Q2. You’ve just made a new contact at a function. You want to make a good first impression. How do you introduce yourself?

Hint: Simply giving your title or profession isn’t memorable and often doesn’t open up conversations. You want to make a positive and memorable introduction that makes the other person say, “How do you do that? Tell me more!” Instead of saying, “I’m the managing director of a production company,” say, “I take people and businesses and put them in the spotlight where they belong!” 

Answer: C - In a crisp and memorable way that describes how you help people in a way that opens up a conversation.


Q3. You’ve attended a great networking function where you have collected lots of cards of potential suppliers and clients. What do you do with them?

Hint: Having a systematic way in which to store your cards is important, but it’s most important to follow up. It doesn’t matter how many business cards, e-mails and telephone numbers you collect. These contacts need to be cultivated and the relationships developed for you to benefit.

Answer: B - Categorize each card: a hot contact, person of interest, or not of immediate interest. Scan your cards using a card scanner and save according to profession, industry and date. Then follow up with a thank      you e-mail and phone call to fix up a meeting with hot contacts and people of interest.


Q4: While networking you come across a potential hot prospect for your business. How would you engage them in a meaningful conversation?

Hint: A good networker has two ears and one mouth and uses them proportionately. A conversation should be a balanced dialogue. It’s good to ask questions to get people to talk about themselves, but remember this: people who ask too many questions are perceived as prying. The purpose of networking is to help open doors and not to close sales.

Answer: A - Ask the other person questions so that you better understand how you can help them. You also volunteer information about yourself and your company that you feel is relevant to helping their company. You don’t try to close a sale there, but instead try to get an appointment to meet to discuss things further.


Q5: You had a great exchange with some new contacts. Now you’re wondering how to make a graceful exit so you can meet other people. What do you do?

Hint: A good networker always looks for ways in which to build and maintain rapport. Always leave on a positive note as people generally remember the first and last thing you say. Also, mention to people when you will be getting in touch with them next to follow up.  

Answer: B - Mention that you enjoyed your chat and ask for permission to call in a day’s time when you can fix up a meeting to discuss things in more detail.


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